Instant Messaging

What is the Problem?

Schools have major inefficiencies in their safety protocol, task management systems, and in their communication platforms.

How does SnappyCast solve those problems?

SnappyCast provides a simple, inexpensive, and adaptable technology platform for school system communications, safety protocol response, and task management, all the while remaining easy to use and inexpensive.

What is SnappyCast?

SnappyCast is transcending the way school communication takes place on all levels. Our software technology in tangent with mobile devices offers school and safety officials, along with community constituents, a comprehensive, simple communication platform that prioritizes safety and task management. SnappyCast combines simplicity, effectiveness, and modest economic pricing to provide the market with an unique solution, which will ultimately make school systems safer, happier, and more efficient.



The safety of our children has never been more important, or more difficult to guarantee. When your school district signs up for SnappyCast, we put a silent emergency alert button at each teacher’s fingertips. By entering a secure PIN number, any teacher will be able to alert emergency services to a dangerous situation. SnappyCast uses multi-dimensional GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of the emergency. By ensuring direct access to a silent and immediate alert button, at SnappyCast we strive to make schools safer than they have ever been before!


Envision all of the ways that you communicate with your community. Too many communication platforms can lead to confusion and lost time just when busy teachers, parents, and students need it most. SnappyCast simplifies the school communication process by linking email, text, and social media notifications to one outlet. Plus, our calendar function allows teachers to schedule notifications in advance, meaning that planning for a week or a semester has never been easier. We have all benefited from a great education, and we will always be seeking ways of enhancing productivity in our schools!


From school closing to permission slip reminders, school does not end when the students leave the building. But reaching every student and parent in a time efficient manner can be costly and challenging. With SnappyCast, we make it easy to notify parents and students about school delays, practice cancelation, or other district news. Each administrator, teacher, coach, and club can have their own notification feed. Two clicks of a button and one typed message later, and each subscriber is notified through any number of communication streams. Sending notifications through a community has never been easier.


From desktop computers to mobile phones, the way we communicate is always changing. Some parents love getting emails, others love texts, and many are on Facebook all day long. But why should a wide array of communication platforms make your life more difficult?

SnappyCast is a simple software solution built with purpose. Our system can adapt and change with just a few lines of code, making it easy for our team to add new capabilities at the click of a button. Currently we work across all mobile devices, from any laptop or tablet with an internet connection, and link to most social media accounts. But the possibilities do not stop there.

Have a system you want us to sync with? Shoot our team a message below. We will get back to you in 24 hours and do our utmost to ensure that SnappyCast is the best possible program for all of your instant communication needs.

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